Jane Gallina aka AirplaneJane

dss headshot template (1)Twitter: @jane_yul

Website: SeeJaneTrade.com and CarpeProfit.com

Time in Market: 1+ Year

Specialty: Reversals, Gap Plays, Penny Stocks


Jane is a day trader, author, and new mom new to the field of stock trading.  She began her career in the world with an international business degree from Rhodes College. She worked in a bank branch in Memphis,TN but being from Washington,DC desired a larger city so she moved to Atlanta where she worked as a registered assistant at Smith Barney. The downturn of the market led Jane to take a voluntary layoff and move to Europe for a year of Culinary school.

Once Jane returned to the States, she worked as a pastry chef and had a wholesale pastry business. As a small business owner health insurance was pricey so she took a part time job at US Airways where she would meet her husband who is an airline pilot and later immigrate to Canada. Jane transferred her job to Montreal and subsequently got married and had her first child. During that year long maternity leave she tried to figure out the best job to contribute to her household income while being at home. Jane’s husband reminded her of some long term value-buy successes she previously had and she began studying day trading.

In just a short amount of time AirplaneJane has racked up more than six-figures in day trading profit and teaches others how to day trade their way to freedom through her blog and new book which can be found HERE.

Check out her whole interview below:

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