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Matti Owens

Finding Your Strategy

Matti might be best known for being a student of the outspoken penny stock trader and founder of, Tim Sykes, but he has grown to be an incredible trader and educator in his own right. Matti talks about the struggles of finding the right educator and strategy that fits your own styles, as well as the ichimoku cloud, and the importance of discovering who you are as a trader. Don’t know what ichimoku is or where the heck to start looking for the right mentor? Watch Matti’s interview and find out!

Felix Hartmann

Building Systems to Match Your Life

Felix started trading from the library at his college in Florida between classes and wherever else he could fit it in. Now he is the CEO of and still fits in time to trade cryptocurrencies in between all of his daily responsibilities. He is here to talk with everyone about building systems that match the life you want. Don’t want to spend 8 hours a day watching the markets? Dont! Felix shows you how you can imagine the lifestyle that you want then work backward to plan how we can make it happen.

Jane Gallina

Mentors, Strategy, and More!

Jane, also known as AirplaneJane elsewhere online (or Sugar Jane by her husband!), is a rising star in the day trading world. In late 2015 she was making $800 a month working part time for an airline but after some real dedication and a few tough lessons she achieved her first six-figure year and wrote a book on learning to trade featuring only women traders. Jane stopped by for a chat about her strategy, some tough lessons she has learned along the way, and some words of advice for anyone -and especially other women- looking to get started in trading.

Tim Grittani

Q&A Session

Tim Grittani, the first millionaire student of’s Tim Sykes, joined us for a special no holds barred Q&A session where everyone was invited to ask him just about anything that they could think of about trading, life, the universe, and everything! Tune in for a chat with Tim!

Sean Dekmar

Day Trading for Beginners

Sean is the founder of DekmarTrades, a full service trading education site complete with chatrooms, one on one mentorship, and even a live trading simulator to practice on! He is here to talk about how to get started, what patterns he likes to watch for, and pitfalls for new traders. If you like his session and want to learn more about how he consistently find winners, check out his site:

Stuart McPhee

Mentality and Controlling Your Emotions

Stuart learned to trade while active duty in the Australian Military. He now trades his own accounts and helps others learn to become better traders through getting a grip on their emotions. Possibly one of this biggest downfalls of a new trader, losing your temper or letting emotions get the better of you is a fast track to blowing up an account. So watch on and learn what Stuart has to say about that!

Maj Soueidan

Microcap Research

Maj is the Co-founder of Geoinvesting, a research and trading firm that does on the ground due-diligence on businesses in China as well as find microcap value stocks for ‘multibagger’ moves. Maj talks about information arbitrage, doing research into companies, and why the microcap market is ripe with opportunities. Listen in here.

Felix Hartmann

Q&A Session

Felix joined us a second time for a special live Q&A! He was available to answer any questions that viewers had about trading, balancing life and the markets, or how to get started with his systems.

Brad Jelinek

Trading Lifestyle and Dealing with Losses

No matter how good of a trader you are, you will lose at some point. When that happens, how you deal with it will determine whether you can rise above it  and succeed, or get discouraged and quit. Brad talks about his favorite strategies for dealing with losses, as well as longevity as a trader- both physical and financial.

Marcello Arrambide

Lifestyle and Freedom Through Trading

Have you ever wanted to just pack up and travel the world without worrying about money? Marcello did just that. After losing $10,000 in student loans he took out to learn trading, he went on to become ‘The Wandering Trader’, trading for a living while traveling the world and creating the lifestyle he dreamed of. He now calls Colombia home, but has started a day trading academy to train others how to do what he did from anywhere. In this session he tells us about how he did it, and how we can do it too.

Jason Leavitt

Swing Trading and Lumpy Returns

What the heck are ‘lumpy returns’?! That was my first question when introduced to Jason before the summit. He explained to me that consistency in gains is a myth and how that is actually a good thing. Jason talks about his approach to trading on a longer time horizon and how this works in his favor for finding the life he wants.

Ed Martin

Small Account Strategies

How the heck to we grow a small account? So many people want to start trading but don’t have the $XX,000’s that others have to get started with. Is that feasible to do? Can we really find wealth when starting so small? Ed thinks so. He tells us about how he grew a small account to six figures… then lost it. He has developed his new strategy that allows him to retain his edge with a small account while still getting to live a comfortable life. Want to know how he does it? Watch Ed’s Session.


The Importance of Mentors

How does it feel to make $500k in a week….then lose it all? Jesse is a self-proclaimed ‘pumptard’ who cashed in on the marijuana stock boom, then lost nearly all of it from a lack of discipline. Jesse opens up about the experience and tells us about how important finding the right mentor was for him to turn his trading career around and the difficulty in deciding to ask for help.

Ben Ryan

Q&A Session

Ben Ryan, our very own Digital Stock Summit keynote speaker offered up his evening to be here and talk with everyone about life on Wall Street. Ben is a professional gold options trader who often speaks on topics surrounding options strategy. Tune in for a recording of the live chat with Ben.

Steve Burns

Swing and Trend Trading

Steve is the author or coauthor of 12 books on trading, five of which went on to become Amazon bestsellers in the finance category. He has also read more than 300 books on trading and created two new trader courses. A fan of the Darvas system, Steve turned his company stock options into a sizable account before calling the oncoming crash in 2008 and going all cash. Steve talks about educating yourself as a trader, creating systems that work, and even talks about his own systems so you can build your own if you like his style. If you want to check out more about the Darvas system or Steve’s books, you can check out both in the Resources page HERE.

Dan David

Due Diligence and Investing in China

Ever wonder how you could cash in on the massive Chinese market? Well after watching this interview you might not think it such a great idea. Dan is the co-founder of Geoinvesting and heads up their on the ground investigations into companies in China that trade on US exchanges. He talks about the rampant corruption in the system and how he looks for signs that a company might not be entirely on the up-and-up. This one is a can’t miss if you have ever invested or thought about investing in Chinese companies!

Dr. Alan Ellman

Intro to Options

In most of these interviews Jacob simply took the role of the beginner to ensure that the topics were of the most benefit… in this case he really is. Jacob doesn’t know a thing about options! Alan goes into what options are, how they work, and even two of his favorite strategies for generating cash flow in your portfolio using options. This session is a perfect introduction to the concept of options if you have ever wondered how they work or what to do to get started…. or if you want to watch Jacob look silly while he wraps his head around the concepts! Tune in for a jump-start accessible to even the newest trader on options!

Aaron Fifield

Swing and Algo Trading

If you have been around the trading twittersphere for more than about five minutes you’ve probably heard of Aaron – or at least his podcast, Chat with Traders. Aaron grew up without any exposure to trading and no community that he could learn it from… so he did what every successful young person these days does and built his own! Aaron talks to traders from all across the world to learn the best tactics and lessons that he can in order to become a better trader himself. What has he learned from it? You’ll just have to watch and find out!

Kevin Davey

Algorithm Trading and Emotional Control

For three years Kevin was among the top independent futures traders in the world. He is also the founder of KJ Trading Systems where he is a prolific writer, programmer, and now a best selling author too! Kevin talks about what role emotions play in trading as well as some of his techniques for dealing with them. We don’t get too far into the world of programmatic trading, but if you are interested in learning more after watching his session just head over to the resources page to check out his book.

Andrew Falde

Developing Systems for Success

Andrew has an interesting backstory in how he came to trading. He was a commercial real estate broker during the height of the 2008 crash… I’m sure you can guess how well that went. Eventually he found his way to SMB Capital where he learned the ropes, became a systematic trader, and now is an educator in his own right. Tune in to this one for a lesson to get you started designing your own systems.

Ben Ryan

Digital Stock Summit Keynote

Ben Ryan is a professional gold options trader and founder of You might recognize him as our Q&A guest as well! In this talk Ben will go over his specialty- options and give us all a lesson based on his years as a pro. After Jacob’s schooling by Dr. Ellman, he is ready to learn some more!

Jacob Whitish

Opening and Closing Notes

Founder and Host of, Jacob opens and closes the set of interviews with some heartfelt welcomes and thank yous. Throughout the interview series, Jacob takes the role of beginner to ask the dumb questions so you don’t have to. Watch the DSS interview series and start building your trading skills today!